There have been many moments when a grocery run has felt like a grocery slog. Time seems to move in a different dimension — did we spend three minutes or three hours attempting to check off our list while accidentally grabbing cilantro instead of parsley? And don't even get us started on meal prep.

Thankfully, Sobeys is changing up the grocery game for the better. Their new, exclusive lineup of Ricardo gourmet meals and products has reignited our relationship with supermarket shopping and home cooking.

Celebrity chef and TV personality Ricardo Larrivée has been a fixture in the Canadian culinary landscape for years through his accessible recipes, beloved restaurants and convenient kitchen accessories. And now you can get a taste of his passion for food with his new ready-to-serve lineup that will get you back to loving the meal process — especially the eating it part.

You don't have to spend hours of your summer shopping, chopping and dreading dinner prep. Ricardo’s gourmet meals are simple, delicious and full of variety, from pre-marinated meats to sheet cakes and punchy dressings. In Ontario, this exciting lineup is exclusive to Sobeys stores and delivery through Voilà by Sobeys for orders sent right to your home.

Each Ricardo product is packed with flavour and a little fun that could turn any weeknight meal into something special. Check out our faves from the lineup below.

Foodism's faves from the new Sobeys X Ricardo product lineup

This freezer-to-table take on a nostalgic classic is a crowd pleaser for kids and grown ups. In around five minutes you can have a creamy and comforting mac ‘n’ cheese ready to dive into. Plus, the addition of broccoli helps you get your greens in — in the most delicious way.

The season of grilling is upon us, and these marinated beauties take out all the guesswork when it comes to creating flavourful mains. They’re marinated in mouth-watering Montreal-style seasoning, so all you have to do is take them out of the fridge and fire up the BBQ or your skillet for a knock-out dinner. 

Combine the best of both worlds and be the home cook hero with soul-soothing chicken STUFFED with creamy risotto. This gourmet twist on the reliable chicken dinner truly elevates the evening. 

We couldn't choose between the lemon cheesecake and chocolate raspberry cheesecake. They're both so decadent and bring a touch of indulgence to the end of the day (or mid afternoon, whatever). You don't need a special occasion for a ready-made cheesecake, which is a celebration in itself. 

Caesar Dressing

Say goodbye to sad salads with this punchy Caesar dressing, made in a vinaigrette style so it's not too thick. It's also great as a dip for a crudité and a picnic basket must-pack.  

To learn more about Ricardo gourmet meals at Sobeys, click here.