The highly Instagrammable Doc’s Green Door Lounge is even better IRL

Yes, you've seen it all over your feed. No, that's not the full picture. Head to Doc’s Green Door Lounge in the Junction for charming service, local bites and perhaps a bottle to take home. 

Doc’s Green Door Lounge | The exterior view of Doc’s Green Door Lounge in the Junction

Doc's Green Door Lounge: What's the vibe

Corner building. Green door. Super skinny bar with martinis a-plenty. Ringing any bells? There's a good chance you've seen the Junction's Doc's Green Door Lounge on your Instagram feed by now. Sometimes, there's little beyond the snapshotted bells and whistles glimpsed on social media — this is not one of those times. Doc's Green Door Lounge is a new Toronto opening that's worth the wander west. 

Jayson Green, a co-owner at Doc's Green Door Lounge, has been a musician since he was 18 but got involved in natural wine during the pandemic. "My only other marketable skill is drinking," he jokes. The New Yorker-turned-Junction-dweller had a chance conversation with his landlord, which ultimately led to this new venture.

"I think it's because the front of the building is so beautiful — it's just a really stunning window," Green says when asked why they chose this space. Doc's Green Door Lounge doesn't shout; it purrs with sophistication. Enter through its Green Door, and make a beeline for one of the cozy 70s-style leather booths. We dare you not to run your finger along the sleek wooden bar like you're Audrey Hepburn as you pass by.

Though the venue has good bones (some of which were discovered during construction), the actual bar was built from the ground up. Behind it, you'll see a picture of Doc himself, Green's late grandfather, after whom the spot was named. 

Doc's Green Door Lounge: What to drink

Doc's Green Door Lounge can't decide if it's a wine bar or a cocktail lounge, but we'll forgive the indecision since it's good at both. Choose from a lovely list of natural wines made responsibly in Europe, the States and on home soil. If you prefer the grain to the grape, beer is supplied from local brands like Burdock. 

Martinis have become an art form lately. Doc's Green Door Lounge takes the guesswork out by creating a build-your-own martini section of the drink menu. Choose from dry or dirty, olive or onion, gin or vodka (or a mix of all of it? You do you).

Alternatively, let head bartender Nick Elliott take the wheel. The ever-popular espresso martini is made with Sam James coffee beans, which also provide sustenance for early-morning visitors getting their caffeine fix. The flagship Doc's Dirty Martini, a briny little number garnished with a blue-cheese-stuffed olive, is poetry in a glass. 

The cocktail list lives up to Doc's Lounge's hotel lobby vibes with delicious riffs on classics like the Stoney Negroni and the Rum Old Fashioned. The non-alcoholic side of the menu is just as balanced and nuanced. The Junction is a juicy mocktail with a pineapple leaf flourish that is every bit as fun as the boozy options.  

Doc’s Green Door Lounge | An espresso martini, using Sam James beans, at Doc’s Green Door Lounge
Doc’s Green Door Lounge | A spin on the old fashioned using rum at Doc’s Green Door Lounge

Doc's Green Door Lounge: What to eat 

While snacks from local purveyors are available, we wouldn't advise you to arrive hungry at Doc's Green Door Lounge. Complimentary bar snacks, like dried beans and nuts, come with your drink order. If you're still peckish, you can order their house-cured olives and fermented dill pickles or one of the slightly bigger small plates on offer. 

A few variations on bread-and-cheese materialize from behind 'Doc's Door.' Chicken liver mousse, buried beneath a thick slab of duck fat, is waiting to be scooped up on sourdough bread from nearby Noctua. There's also a whipped brie or gorgonzola plate to snack on with that last glass of wine.

What else: Doc's Green Door Lounge

Head to the back of Doc's Green Door Lounge, and you'll find The Deep End, a tiny wine shop stocked with responsibly farmed wine, artisanal spirits and other canned delights. Take a bottle of something funky home with you and keep the party going.

Doc's Green Door Lounge | The Deep End, a wine shop, inside Doc's Green Door Lounge

Stay tuned for your new favourite summer patio, which will be landing outside Doc's Green Door Lounge in the sunshine months.  

Drinks and snacks for two: Around $80 before tax and tip.